Help, I accidentally put petrol into my Diesel car!

Misfuelling a Diesel Car, Van or Vehicle with Unleaded Petrol is a huge problem in the UK and around Europe. It's increasing year on year and 150,000 people do this in the UK alone, every year. Thats 400 people a day and 1 every 3.5 minutes. And the problem is growing Rapidly!

We fill our Diesel cars, vans and vehicles up on a weekly basis, often daily if we drive for living. This laborious task can easily contribute to an automatic mindset, and without thinking we just grab a pump, any pump and start filling with the wrong fuel.

The odds are increased of putting petrol in a diesel car if you drive an unleaded petrol car privately and jump into a Diesel vehicle for your job. Habit can easily deteremine that you'll just grab for the Unleaded pump… and the damage is done. After the mistake has happened we're scratching our heads thinking, “how and why did I do that?”

In many petrol stations there are a myriad of different pumps to choose from including: Diesel, Bio Diesel, Unleaded, Super Unleaded, Leaded, LPG, LRP, BioFuels, etc, and this can be confusing at the best of times and you can easily use the wrong fuel. Putting petrol in a diesel car commonly known as Misfuelling is a costly accident waiting to happen.